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About Wave

We are the solution for Safe and Secure housing for all income levels

What Makes Wave Property Management Different?

What Makes Wave Property Management Different?

It all started when Joy, an established accounting professional, noticed her clients needed better management for their investment properties. WAVE was created with this foundational understanding: Effective management requires accurate, transparent, and detailed accounting.
It requires trust. 

Wave Property Management has been a growing success story for over a decade. We help our clients accomplish their investment goals. We see ourselves as members of your team - helping you build your financial security while providing an essential service to Boise.

We use cutting edge software to enhance both the owner and resident experience. In this extremely fast-growing area, scarcity has made the need for fair and consistent management even more important. 

Meet the Wave Team

We seek to be a part of the solution for safe and secure housing no matter the income level

Picture of Christine Carlson
Christine Carlson Senior Property Manager, 2IC Integrator

Christine serves as the current integrator with Wave Property Management, where she plays a pivotal role in overseeing all Operations. Christine’s business development mindset is an asset to Wave, and has been from the beginning of the company's foundations. Her background as a Canadian National rugby athlete (Pretty cool, eh?) and a business owner provide priceless wisdom to her role on the team. As the Second in Command at Wave Property Management, Christine uses her attention to detail to grow the team and establish processes; assisting the whole company in executing the overall direction of scalable growth. A real estate investor herself, she brings understanding to both sides of the client and resident experience and models a high level of communication and consistency. Having played a role in the expansion of Wave Property Management into this development project for the last seven years, she is ready to assist in the growth of our next phase. Christine is married and has three children. Her hobbies include travel, baking, and being a winemaker.

Picture of Joy Luedtke
Joy Luedtke CEO

Joy co-founded an accounting firm in 2008 using a fully online format, the first of its kind in Boise. This virtual accounting model leveraged the best in technology and software maximizing time for servicing a large variety of clients including construction and asset management. As demand grew for services, a property management company was started in 2013 with offices in Boise and Ketchum, Idaho. With an internal pull towards development in affordable housing, Joy separated from her accounting firm in 2019 and started several companies in development and mobile transport to begin crafting a suite of companies that complement her property management firm.

Much of Joy’s expertise lies in manufactured home communities. As a property manager, Joy could see that most manufactured homes were “aging out” of the market. With an aging housing infrastructure, and the burdens that come with that, Joy began extensively researching housing options for her residents, only to find that solutions for this income bracket were missing. With a keen understanding of the high profitability for investors in these communities, coupled with needs of the residents for better housing options, she began to consider financial opportunities that would provide real solutions to our communities through the development of modular units. Joy’s personal mission is to build leaders and create opportunities. This has empowered staff to buy their first homes and even begin their own investment portfolios. Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to a board position within Entrepreneur Organization Idaho, where she coaches budding entrepreneurs.

Picture of Ryan Cullison
Ryan Cullison Property Manager

Ryan is a versatile property manager with experience in mortgage financing, IT technology, and even helicopter operations.

Having transitioned out of a mortgage finance career in 2022, Ryan quickly grasped the intricacies of property management, and his diverse skill set has proven invaluable for streamlining operations and enhancing the resident experience. He is highly valued for his stable and detail-oriented work style, and Ryan's unique perspective makes him an invaluable asset to his team. Ryan is married to Sierra, and he wishes to emphasize that he “married up.”

Picture of Virginia Garzaro
Virginia Garzaro Leasing Assistant

Virginia’s career began with a degree in Business and Office Administration.

“I wanted to find a job that inspired me. When I interviewed at Wave, Joy said something that got my attention, “Everyone deserves a home.” Her assertion resonated deeply with my desire to assist others. This sentiment became my guiding principle here, allowing me to contribute to the fulfillment of people's need for a place to call home.

For us, this is more than just a business, it's a way to open doors for people in need. I enjoy working for her, and the people I work with, and I love doing my job.

I have three children: My daughter Karina, who is happily married with two wonderful children.

My son Christian, an aspiring officer in pursuit of joining the Boise police department; and my youngest son, who is nearing completion of his medical studies. These exceptional individuals bring blessings to my life, and fuel my dedication to making a positive impact in property management.”

Picture of Amber Zora
Amber Zora Accountant

Amber is our accountant. She is known for her varied background and sense of humor around the office.

Amber began her career as a licensed veterinary technician and home birth midwifery assistant, and later, obtained her art degree from BSU.

Before transitioning into finance, Amber’ s humanitarian work included building houses in Mexican slums, teaching cooking classes, and sharing the lost art of canning.

Amber loves her full house. She has kids that span the ages of adult all the way to toddler. She is a loving mother to her five kids and a devoted mentor to her colleagues.

You can find her caring for tarantulas, fishing for sturgeon, or critiquing the latest restaurant on her weekends.

She felt she must share her favorite quote “Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.” - Shakespeare

Picture of Sierra Cullison
Sierra Cullison Marketing and HR Coordinator

Sierra is our jack of all trades. She earned her degree in Architecture, with a dual emphasis in Graphic Design and Interior Design. She wears multiple hats at Wave, and currently serves as the head of Marketing, while supporting the HR needs.

She is the go-to person for adminstration, tech support, social media, and special event coordination.

Sierra is married to Ryan Cullison, and together they enjoy paddleboarding, exploring, and hiking.

Picture of Fernando Plata
Fernando Plata Maintenance Director

I have been the Maintenance Director at Wave for four years. I lead a team that performs high quality work at the best cost for our property owners. We take pride in providing a functional and safe place for tenants to live in.

Serving tenants and property owners gives me a sense of profound joy and accomplishment.

As a believer I enjoy being part of church and serving my community with my wife. In my free time I work on my bonsai trees and host outdoor BBQs for family and friends.

My wife Letty and I have been married for 31 years, we have one son, and two beautiful grandchildren, who we see frequently.

Picture of Kirk Adcock
Kirk Adcock Senior Maintenance Technician

Kirk has been in the Property Management maintenance field for over 40 years, both commercial and residential.

We wish to clarify he wrote this biography himself, and is a man of few words.

Picture of Issac Mendoza
Issac Mendoza Maintenance Technician

Isaac is a dedicated maintenance technician who has been with us for three years. He is even keeled, patient, and easy going. Beyond his professional life, Isaac spends his free time flipping houses, and spending time with his family.

He is married to his beloved wife, Maria, and they share a full and joyful life together with six children and three grandchildren. He finds immense fulfillment in creating lasting memories with his loved ones.

Balancing his career, house flipping, and his role as a husband, father, and grandfather, Isaac's story is one of hard work, dedication, and love.

Picture of Anna Simhovich
Anna SimhovichAccounting Assistant

Anna began her career in accounting when Covid started and forced her to change her life. She got her diploma in accounting in Israel and quickly found herself fascinated with numbers.

Her long experience in customer service helps her add a personal touch and see the needs behind the numbers.

In her spare time, Anna likes to spend her time baking and decorating cakes, as well as hiking with her husband Max and Belgian shepherd Loki.

Picture of Manuel Guiterrez
Manuel GuiterrezMaintenance Technician

several pictures of the Wave team involved in the community.