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to house and uplift

our purpose

We exist to empower and uplift individuals, communities, and the workforce by constructing homes for all, including the ‘Missing Middle’ and those needing workforce housing. We will use disruptive construction practices with ZS2 materials that prioritize sustainability, safety, and well-being.

Our purpose is to challenge the idea that sustainable and affordable cannot co-exist. We are dedicated to creating resilient housing options that mitigate our carbon footprint while fostering a thriving environment for all stakeholders.

Rising housing costs

rising housing costs

the problem


The home building industry is currently grappling with significant labor shortages. It results in delays and escalated costs, posing challenges to the industry. Although efforts are underway to attract workers through incentives and technological advancements, resolving this issue requires collaboration among shareholders. It necessitates a concerted effort to address the labor shortages in the home-building industry and ensure a sustainable future for the housing market.


Rising housing costs in the United States has made home-ownership unattainable for many. High prices and stagnant wages create a significant gap between housing affordability and people’s financial means. Affordable housing initiatives, accessible financing options, and equitable housing policies must be put in place.


Traditional home construction methods are environmentally irresponsible. Concrete and timber require extensive resource extraction and contribute to high carbon emissions. Transitioning to responsible home construction is vital for conserving resources, and creating healthier living environments.

alternative construction

our solution

It is recognized that the need for alternative construction solutions is necessary to address the staggering demand of 2.5 million homes needed by 2030 to begin easing the housing squeeze. These issues confronting California are a palpable foreshadowing of major cities across the nation. Necessity compels change.

Modular housing has long been accepted as 66% more energy efficient, more environmentally sustainable and a less expensive construction model, with a 60% reduction in construction waste and a 50-70% reduction in construction timeline. The labor shortage, demand for sustainability, and affordability have pushed this method to the forefront as a mainstream solution. The nationwide labor shortage is permanent and the construction industry faces greater challenges with the average age of the workforce at 42. 45% of the labor force is over 45 years old and for every 7 that leave the industry only 1 laborer replaces Them.

Standard modular and prefab construction minimizes the need for skilled laborers on site. Our business model takes this concept further with a kit design that ships as a flat pack, easing the strain of transport that often plaques this industry. The setting and assembly of the unit is simplified with a mini crane instead of a boom, maximizing the locations this product can be used. The use of SIPs, finished interior walls, and steel chassis flooring foundation are ready to assemble with licensed contractors only needed to attach the unit to city services. Our kit’s implementation and use of LEED certified materials from advanced vendors, achieves the most price conscious and sustainable modular housing  product on the market.

We utilize a leading consultant organization in the budding carbon credit market to optimize potential investor returns and provide high level energy efficiency modeling to further demonstrate the cost savings over the life of the building by using our organization.