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Application Criteria

In an effort to promote equal treatment of all residents and applicants, there will be no exceptions to the following rental qualification criteria.


  1. Online Application fee is $35 – Units available can be applied for on our website. Each applicant 18 and older must pay an application fee to have a background check done. No cash is accepted at the office.

    Security Deposit isn’t required upon applying, but it does help secure a unit. This is known as a holding deposit. If applicant chooses to pay a holding deposit, payment must be made in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. The holding deposit will be returned if the application is denied. A security deposit will be required upon approval and lease signing.

    There is also a $25 pet application fee per pet.

  2. Photo ID - All applicants over the age of 18 must provide current government issued photo identification at the time of application.
  3. Income Requirements – The combined income of all persons over 18 living in the rental must be at least 3 times the monthly rent. Applicants who do not have the required income will be considered If they provide a co-signer who qualifies, or provide proof of cash reserves of at least 12 times the monthly rental.
  4. Employment Requirements – Employment history should show that the applicant has been employed with their current employer for at least 6 months. Applicants with less than 6 months employment may be approved with an approved co-signer. All employment history will be verified.
  5. Rental History - Applicants must provide the name and contact information for a minimum of two previous landlords. Applicants will not be approved if they have had any evictions, defaults in lease agreements or they owe any money to any other landlord.
  6. Credit Requirements – Items reviewed with a credit check include, but are not limited to, collection accounts, garnishments, bankruptcy, repossessions and evictions. No credit history is considered good credit, but may require a co-signer.
  7. Criminal Background check – Criminal history is evaluated as part of our application process. We do take applications from tenants who have been convicted of a felony. The date and circumstances of the felony are taken into consideration. We cannot tell you before completing an application whether or not an applicant will be approved. The completed application must be reviewed to give a fair determination.
  8. Pets – Pets may be approved if they meet the following requirements:
    • A good reference from previous landlord
    • Complete veterinarian medical history (including vaccinations and sterilization)
    • Completed pet addendum and payment of all required pet fees.
    • $50 one time fee upfront, and $25/month per pet.
    The property owner reserves the right to deny application based on size, species or breed of the pet.

If you do not meet any of the selection criteria, or you provide inaccurate/incomplete information, your application may be rejected, and your application fee WILL NOT be refunded once the process has started.

Criterios de alquiler en español

We know finding a place to live in this market is scary and expensive.

We tell our applicants where they are in line for a particular home and do not process the application or deposit the money, if there are others in line ahead of you.