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Preventative Maintenance Checklist: Guide to Avoid Major Repair Costs for Your Multi-Family Boise Rental Property

Preventative Maintenance Checklist: Guide to Avoid Major Repair Costs for Your Multi-Family Boise Rental Property

Maintenance requests will come in on a nearly daily basis when you’re renting out a multi-family rental property in Boise. However, you can cut down on emergency repairs and save money on repair costs if you adopt a proactive preventative maintenance plan. 

With regular preventative maintenance, multi-family property owners can limit the need for unexpected repairs and replacements. This is good for your tenant retention and it’s also good for your bottom line. 

Your preventative maintenance checklist will depend on the size and general condition of your multi-family property. A building with eight units will have different needs from one with 50 units. 

Here are some of the things not to miss, regardless of how big or small your multi-family property happens to be.

Security and Safety Features in Your Boise Rental Home

All of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You need to test them annually; at least once a year. Include this in your preventative maintenance inspections. 

You also want to check the locks on doors and windows. Make sure they close completely, and change the locks when new tenants are moving in. You need to keep your tenants feeling safe.

Heating and Cooling Systems Require Preventative Maintenance

Get on an annual service plan so that an HVAC technician comes to your property once or twice a year to inspect the heating and cooling systems. This is the best way to avoid frantic calls from tenants that the heat isn’t working during cold Idaho winters. When you have your entire system inspected on an annual basis, you’ll extend the lifespan of your furnace, air conditioning unit, and other functions. It also saves you money on expensive maintenance calls.

Water Leaks and Hot Water Heaters

Water damage is always expensive, and the sooner you discover it, the better your chances of mitigating the costs. Look for soft spots on the roof, or evidence of water intrusion. Inside, inspect the ceilings and the walls. Check under every sink and look for sins of water damage around windows, tubs, and toilets. Catching these issues is key to preventing dangerous mold and expensive structural damage. 

Have a professional drain your water heater every year. This will prevent rust and remove sediment build up.  Replacing a water heater is expensive, so any preventative maintenance you can provide is going to be better for business. 

Check and Clean the Gutters

In Boise, snow and rain are a given. You’ll want to have the gutters on your multi-family building inspected and cleared twice a year, usually in late spring and early fall. Leaves and other debris can clog gutters and trap water, which leads to significant water damage through the roof, siding, windows and even the foundation.

With a multi-family property, you’ll be responsible for all the landscaping such as mowing, raking, and snow removal. Tree maintenance should be part of your preventative maintenance checklist. Trim and prune branches before winter sets in, especially if trees are close to your property. Heavy snow and ice can bring down unstable branches, increasing the likelihood of property damage.

Maintain Boise Multi-Family Common Areas

All the common areas in your multi-family property must be safe, clean, and accessible. Check the lighting fixtures and ensure the stairs or elevators are functioning properly. You want all handrails to be secure and make sure any shared laundry or trash areas are well-maintained and free from pests, trash, and hazards. 

These are some of the essential checklist items when you’re providing preventative maintenance on your multi-family rental property in Boise. We can help you keep your repair costs down. Contact us at Wave Property Management for more information. 

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