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Top 5 Things Boise Tenants Look For in a Rental Property

Top 5 Things Boise Tenants Look For in a Rental Property

Every tenant is looking for a rental home based on their lifestyle, their budget, their commute to work and school, and their personal tastes and needs. Your Boise rental property is not going to appeal to everyone. 

However, there are a few common things that most tenants want when they’re looking for a new home. If you’re paying attention to these five things, you’re probably going to find better tenants faster. 

1. Properties Priced Competitively

Rental price is always going to be a factor when you’re attracting good residents. Tenants understand the average Boise rental values, and they’re not going to pay more than they have to. If you want to attract a large pool of good tenants, you have to study the market and make sure you’re not overpricing your home. 

It’s more than just rental dollars. Tenants are looking for appliances in the home, including washing machines and dryers. They want professional landscaping so they don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. Including utility costs in the rental amount might attract tenants who are looking for the simplicity of one housing bill every month. 

2. Desirable Boise Location 

Location is just as important in the rental market as it is in the sales market. Tenants are looking for a rental property that’s close to work, grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, parks, and commuter routes. 

Quality of life is important to tenants, especially today, and good residents are often willing to pay more or overlook less desirable aspects of the rental unit if the property is in a great neighborhood. No one wants to drive an hour to work or to their favorite restaurant. School districts are also important to tenants with children. Many tenants will make a decision about seeing a property based solely on where it’s located.

3. Safety and Security Features

Safety is always going to be on the minds of prospective tenants. Security systems, upgraded doors and windows with extra locks, and smart home technology can really help tenants feel secure in their homes. Video doorbells are popular, and if your property is wired for voice-activated systems like Amazon’s Alexa, you’re going to attract high-quality, tech-savvy tenants.

4. Move-In Ready Property Condition 

Properties that aren’t move-in ready and require painting, carpeting, or cleaning will be a problem. Your tenants are looking for homes that are clean, functional, and ready to inhabit. Before showing the property, make sure that all the necessary repairs have been made. The first impression that a tenant gets from the property will be what drives their decision to fill out an application or not.

Additionally, if the property condition is poor when tenants move in, they will believe you don’t care about the property yourself. This sets the expectation that they can treat the property without care. You don’t want to give the wrong impression. A rental home that’s in move-in ready condition sets the expectation that the tenant will maintain high standards of cleanliness and maintenance.

5. Pet Friendly Rental Homes

pet-friendly home

Not every tenant is going to have a pet, but the majority of renters today have at least one dog or cat. They’re going to look for homes that are welcoming to their pets. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to allow pets, we suggest that you permit them on a case-by-case basis. You can do a thorough pet screening and you can charge a pet fee to protect yourself against the potential damage pets can provide.

If you’d like some help making your property attractive to Boise tenants, we hope you’ll contact us at Wave Property Management.