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Why a Move-in Property Condition Checklist is Important | Boise Property Management

Why a Move-in Property Condition Checklist is Important | Boise Property Management

The move-in property inspection is one of the last things you’ll do during the leasing period, before a tenant moves into the home. It’s an important opportunity to look for things that need attention before occupancy. It also allows you to document the condition of the property in great detail. This helps you protect the condition of your investment and hold your tenants accountable for any damage they caused. 

Make sure you’re detailed and strategic. Use a checklist to ensure everything is evaluated and to make notes about how things look. A move-in checklist ensures everyone is on the same page in terms of the property’s condition. You’ll effectively and accurately document the condition of your Boise rental home. 

Check for Necessary Repairs and Replacements

The first purpose of this inspection is to make sure the property is functional, clean, and move-in ready. Do a thorough walk-through of your property. Look for repairs that may be needed. Test all the appliances and the lights so you’ll know what isn’t perfect. Change any light bulbs that have burned out, install a new air filter, and confirm that everything works. 

You don’t want maintenance requests as soon as your tenant moves in. You’ll also show your residents that you take the condition of your property seriously. It will set the standard of how you expect things to be maintained. 

If there are any repairs that need to be made, get your vendors lined up before the move-in date. All work should be completed before your tenant takes possession of the home.

Inspect for Cleanliness

A clean home is important, not only because tenants deserve to move into a property that’s free of dirt and debris but also because you expect to get the home returned in clean condition at the end of the lease term. Use your move-in condition checklist to confirm that floors, sinks, tubs, and toilets are free of dirt, debris, and dust. 

Hire professional cleaners to take care of every detail before the tenant moves in, and make sure your checklist reflects that all standards of cleanliness have been met. Those professional cleaners should pay attention to floors and surfaces. They should dust ceiling fans and make sure there aren’t any crumbs, food, or messes in the oven or the fridge. 

Sign the Move-In Condition Checklist with Your Tenants

signing the lease agreement

The most important reason to use a move-in checklist is that this will allow you to document the condition of your property. This is essential, because you’ll use the same checklist to compare how the property looks at the end of the lease term. This will impact whether the security deposit is returned in full, in part, or not at all.

Take excellent pictures and even videos. Write up descriptions and make notes. Share the checklist with your tenants when they move in. You’ll want to provide your tenants with the opportunity to make any of their own observations on the condition of the property at move-in. Keep this in your records and refer to it when you’re inspecting the property at move-out. 

A move-in checklist protects you and it protects your property. It also helps your residents because they shouldn’t be held responsible for pre-existing issues that may be present in the home. 

If you’ve never conducted a move-in inspection before or you’re not sure how to start your checklist, contact us at Wave Property Management. We can help you lease, manage, and maintain your Boise rental property.