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Things to Consider When Choosing a Leasing Agent

Things to Consider When Choosing a Leasing Agent

Are you a landlord in Boise, Idaho? You've certainly made a wise decision to buy a rental property in a city with a bright future.

The city is facing unprecedented economic growth, which will continue to attract potential tenants. But this also means that there's a lot of competition among landlords.

Attracting tenants is easy, but getting good tenants is a huge challenge! Luckily, there's a solution to this. Read on to learn why you should consider hiring a leasing-only service.

They Work With Tenant Placement

As mentioned in the introduction, a leasing agent will help you find the ideal tenant for your rental property. They can screen tenants to choose one that has a history of renting.

They'll only choose tenants who have a record of paying on time. They'll also ensure that any potential tenants have a reputation for maintaining a property well.

Leasing agents will conduct a background check so that no one with a serious criminal record shows up! They'll also ask for proof of income to check if the tenant can pay your rental fee without any issues. Their goal will be to find a tenant who'll likely extend their lease.

When you see success from a leasing agent, you can make better decisions about buying a future rental property.

Leasing Agent Skills

The next step is to look for certain skills that your leasing agent should have. You have to first ask the leasing agent to provide case studies. You want to hire someone with previous experience.

You should ask the leasing agent about their placement rate. This refers to the number of properties for which they're able to successfully find tenants. Make sure you ask them about the average time it took them to place tenants.

During your interview, ask your leasing agent about the Boise market. The leasing agent should have a solid understanding of Boise's real estate prospects.

They should analyze your property to determine what type of tenants will be most interested. For example, they'll know whether your property is fit for a family or for a single professional.

Leasing agents work as marketers as well. They'll prepare marketing materials to attract tenants.

This can include advertising your property on various listing platforms. They can also share your property details on social media platforms.

Many leasing agents will have a network of tenants, real estate investors, and property managers. They will reach out to their network to find the right tenant. With a leasing agent, you should expect to place tenants within a few weeks.

Hire a Leasing-Only Service

Now you know the benefits of a leasing-only service and what to look for when hiring a leasing agent. The advantage of a leasing agent is that they'll find tenants quickly.

They can place tenants faster than you would. They'll also ensure that the tenants are reputable. Take your time to interview different leasing agents.

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